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Sunday, April 6, 2008

When all else fails - felt?

Far from perfect. No where near art. Craft barely applies. Yet they are functional.ExpenSive Felted $lipper$ !!
Shrunk about 30 % in the washer. No dryer - that would have resulted in slippers for the Boyfriend's niece and the colours are no longer bright enough for that. A good lesson in humility. Second pair of slippers, ala turka, from the much maligned Fleece Artist Country Mohair just need finishing touches. Hereby launch this week as knitting finishing touches week.

Bit too much Viognier at dinner (but nice work if you can get it!)
(erm I mean wine) (and I don't usually get too enthusiastic about white).

Had a wonderful thought walk in the woods up on the Niagara Escarpment. Much melting snow causing chilly swamps but life bursting all over. Waterfalls to set the soul to singing. Little bits of brave green soaking up the warm April sun. Gorgeous ruddy fungi. And closer to home the willows around Grenadier Pond are that harbinger yellow. Spring!

Didn't bring my camera so must rely on Boyfriend getting around to downloading his snaps. I will not hold my breath. Neither should you. Breath deep. The frozen earth is releasing the seeds of promise.

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