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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Foiled Photos!

One beautiful day after another. Lots of knitting in hand and on because it's cooling off at night.
Last week I went to visit my new nephew's Mama (today's complicated parental relationships produce equally complex nomenclature for all involved). A beautiful day, like today, and we were going to sit out in Christa's yard and I was going to get her started on knitting. I filled a bag up with various bits of this and that, some acrylic, some wool, some merino & silk, and a selection of old needles so that if Christa's two-year old goes on a rampage of destruction, at least she will just bend up some metal as opposed to snapping wood. I put in my newly finished sweater for my wee nephew Austin, the ends finally darned in. I didn't take a picture of it because I tossed my camera into the bag, too, thinking that with the lovely sunshine AND with my little nephew as model, I'd have a delightful photo op.

When I got there, my wee nephew and his older sister were sporting sweaters that I had made for my older nephew Lokesh. His Mama Anne (today's complicated parental relationships continue to produce equally complex nomenclature for all involved) had generously passed them on to Christa for her little ones. You don't how happy it makes a knitter feel to see a child's sweater passed along. A lot of work goes into them, and you just KNOW that the child is going to grow out of it sooner rather than later so to see the garments move through family and friends is a special kind of joy. Rather like planting a tree. (Happy Earth Day, by the way).

We got settled in the yard and I pulled out my camera.
The batteries were dead.

Well, there will be other sunny days and the weather is such that the kids will be in sweaters.

Later that evening, at the DKC meeting
(Veronik Avery graced us with her presence - what a fine, fine knitter, designer & artist!)
when sitting with Linda & Reet and chatting about what was on our needles,
I had my lovely baby cardigans started for the wee nieces in Germany,
when Suzanne turned, looked baffled, and wordlessly communicated,
"Knitting for babies? but they just grow out of it!"
I was able to effuse about the wonders of seeing the little sweaters all over again,
scooting around in the grass,
dozing in the sun,
playing in the park.
With the little people in them of course!

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