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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Slipper!

I feel a little Dorothy with these slippers.
Note how the sunlight glints off the faceted beads...
(Okay, in the books, Dorothy's slippers were silver)

Both pairs are constructed the same way. I think from the ankle opening down in garter stitch with increases across the front of the foot. Then it looks like the sole is picked up along the center and turned up the back. A little crocheted edging is added. Turkish ladies do like to have those finishing touches. I love 'em. Beaded Slippers!
Both these pair were given to me by Selma Sagbas who is a wonderful singer of Turkish Classical Music (and who is Texas doing concerts as I write!). She got them in Kutahya.
I made the mistake of admiring them when I visited her in Istanbul last fall. A mistake because when you praise something you'll often find it being given to you. When you try to refuse, it then becomes a point of honour on the part of the donor to make sure you leave with something worthy. Then things can get complicated, because you have to accept something, and it can keep escalating. "What, you don't like these?? Well perhaps you'll like these! Oh, and how about this? Please you must take this also!" I have learned to try and express interest and appreciation without too much fanfare but every once in a while gasps or giggles escape and I have to accept something or risk either having to carry home a large piece of furniture or insulting my host.
LuLu shares my delight in these slippers and wishes Selma joy, happiness and success with every step she takes.

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