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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flippin' hems

I hope three times is the charm, because I am making two Debbie Bliss Classic Baby Cardigans for my wee nieces JoJo & Clara in Potsdam and I hope that what I learn from the first one will make the second one go faster. It's the hem. I didn't really like the way it looked in garter stitch which is what the pattern calls for. So I ripped it up and did a turned hem.
I am not happy with this. It flips.
I used smaller needles.
I did a nice purl row to define the hem.
I thought I carefully counted the rows before knitting the hem to the body.
I did something wrong.
And you know how suddenly you notice something and -boom- it's everywhere. So it is with this hem. Knitting Daily did a posting on the turned hem. If only it had come out before I cast on. I am going to CUT just above the hem and knit a new one down. I just want to finish the rest of the sweater so I don't run out of the green in an unfortunate spot.

Oh well.

This is what I have learned.
1) Do a swatch. Dr. Knit (Denise Powell from DKC) gently pointed out that this would have saved me a great deal of time. She also suggested casting on 5% fewer stitches to allow for the thickness of the fabric. Thank you, Denise for not laughing at me.
2)Use a provisional cast on. I can pick up stitches from a cast on edge with little or no hassle so it did not occur to me to do otherwise. It might have helped.
3) Think!!!

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