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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Much Better Way

I think Linda and I are entitled to say that we really went on a
Stash Enhancement eXpedition eXtraordinaire.
At midnight last night the Toronto Transit Commission went on strike. We were planning to take the TTC up and across town to the site of the Knitters' Frolic today. We had enrolled in "educational" workshops, so we HAD to go. A cab was out of the question. Way too much money would be spent on taxi fare that could be spent on lovely yarn. So we biked.
The weather favoured us, never raining even one forecasted drop. We had a bit of head wind coming home and I suppose knowing that we had to carry all our spoils on bikes might have resulted in some restraint on our parts. Well, Linda did pretty well as far as not getting toooooo much, can't say as I did. But the ride was pretty nice, easily 26 kms there and back, which is not a huge distance at all but there were some hills and for both of us this was probably the longest ride since the fall.
We did a short cut/detour through the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, stopping to say hello to some of Linda's relatives and William Lyon Mackenzie King.
Taking advantage of the TTC strike, we rode on along the raised street car tracks on St.Clair. It was like a deluxe bike lane. With our lovely new yarns stuffed into bags and strapped to our bikes it was really the Much Better Way.

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