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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ankara corabi - the ankara sock

If I could figure out how to put music on this page as it loaded, I'd program Erkin Koray's Ankara Sokaklari....

This is one of two pairs of socks that I have that are more or less identical. Both were given to me about 15 years ago. They are truly lovely.
They are called Ankara socks in Turkey because they are made in and around Ankara using the fiber that got it's name from goats that are raised there: angora or mohair. In Turkish they call the fiber tiftik. Both pairs appear to be made from handspun yarn and are the same pattern, a variant on feather and fan or shell stitch. They are made from the toe up. The plain knitting on the toe and on the soul uses a twisted stitch. Actually this twisted stitch seems to be used throughout, even in the patterned areas. Averages about 9 & half stitches to the inch on the stocking stitch areas.

I've worn them a lot and they all have holes now, so they are languishing in the darning pile at the moment.
I thought when I was first given them that they would be scratchy but they are not. And they are very warm for their weight.

I got some Turkish sock yarn in Istanbul a couple of trips ago, from the RAM company I'm pretty sure. It is an acrylic/tiftik blend. Primarily so that I could repair these with something close to their original (I think the only place you could get handspun was from the village woman who spin it...) I also thought it might make a nice shawl and yes maybe one day I will try the Ankara sock itself.

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