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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

slipper o' the day

I got these slippers from my friend Suze Stentz who, with her partner Richie, travels to Bulgaria every year to seek out folk art and music. Back in the US, they set up a traveling peddler's caravan and they go to all sorts of folk and craft events - look for them if you are into that sort of thing. OPET.

Suze and I often commiserate on what Americanski will and will not buy. Various bags and pouches seem a hard sell - although they are often of exquisite workmanship and potentially practical. And slippers. Maybe because Richie & Suze are based in North Carolina that they find the slipper buying public scarce but I find the same farther north. Well, them's that like 'em do.
One problem actually is that they are often made for smaller feet than your typical North American. ANYWAY.

I love this pair.
They are very simple but well crafted from a lovely loose handspun. I think the foot bed is made first & joined along the sole. The toe section is picked up and knit in the round with decreases every ridge. They suffered some moth damage a few years ago (not at my house!!!).
I have some scrap Lopi set aside to try and replicate them. One of these days.

Blast it is blustery today - but I'm still going to bike to the divine Yarn Harlot's book launch! Must be "the" knitters of Toronto event of the year.

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