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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wee things & more wee things.

First, my sister Heather had twins in November....
and now.....
...the little "Wilde Childe" (first name to be determined) arrived 6 days ago. It's my brother Lex's second boy. And because I was so caught up in making two of everything for my sister's girls, I hadn't thought of what I was going to make this little human yet. And now he's here!

I think a Baby Surprise is in order and I've been eyeing my little hoarde of Dream in Colour... but...No, I think I'll use up some odds & ends of Lion Microspun. Yeah, it's not wool but I know it withstands baby barf and frequent washings. And at this age he's going to grow out of anything almost as fast I can make it. I'll save the Dream in Colour for a 1-2 year old sized thing.

Here are some photos from my sister of the wee girls at about 1 month.

I have no idea whether this is Josephine or Clara in the green, I think Clara, but she is almost fitting into a jacket of Microspun based on a pattern from one of my grandmother's old Patons books. I love using my Nanny's pattern books. I know if she were still alive she'd be cranking out the booties and sweaters so I feel like I'm doing it for her sometimes. Nanny would NEVER have used these outrageous colours, but she would have liked the yarn. For a synthetic it feels quite nice, it is very soft and forgiving. After a couple of washes the stitches really even out. I did one sweater on bamboo needles and the other with Addis. The Addis were much better, I thought. The plys can split apart as you knit the yarn, making it a bit annoying at times and because the yarn is quite slippery, the ends are evil and peak out again. Perhaps one day I will resort to clear nail polish or whatever it is that people use to 'glue' ends in. But I have rationalized that the odd end poking out there now and again subtly advertises the garment's hand-made quality. Ahem.

Jo-Jo, ( I think) in the lavender edition .

If you look at the label of the Lion Brand Microspun, it reads that it's made in Turkey. As I am fortunate enough to travel to Turkey every so often, I knew that if I had the time to poke around a little, I could probably find the Turkish equivalent on the market there. And a couple of years ago, I did. It goes by the name of Nako "Saten". Let's see, a 100gr ball in Turkey cost 1/2 of what a 50 gr ball cost in Canada. Deal. But I didn't go overboard. I did pick up a couple of balls of colours that Lion does not have in it's line, the deep burgundy & soft green that you see in these sweaters and a good supply of black. All the other shades are in the Lion Brand line.

Ahhh, one more while I'm on the topic of Microspun. Here's the Meg Swanson Baby Surprise Variation that I think was in Spring '07 Vogue Knitting.
I think the model might be Josephine. The colour combination reminds of a delicate little petit four.

Okay, must start more baby garments!!!

Meanwhile mitre-itis continues unabated, to which has been added chronic log cabin fever.
Noro, Noro, Noro!!!!

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