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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Justification for bringing your knitting bag to the restaurant.

As I was leaving the house this evening I grabbed my knitting bag and tossed it on the back seat. Just in case we got stuck in a snow bank, or just in case the people we were meeting uptown for dinner got caught in a snow bank on the way to the restaurant.
My boyfriend picked up couple of bottles of nice wine to give our dinner guests (part of the thank-you package which included the meal). Of course, there was no bag to but them in. Boyfriend was so worried about being late that he hadn't thought ahead about this little point. I had brought a very restrained (small) bag as my purse. Boyfriend wasn't toting anything.

And then there was the knitting bag.

A big canvas tote with from 'dujoo' filled with lots of soft, cushy balls of yarn to protect the wine. GREAT! No worries about whether or not this was the sort of restaurant where a knitting bag might be tres gauche. It's a moot point. The bag is carrying a gift, the knitting just happens to be extra. The bag behaved nicely the whole meal. No balls of yarn were ejected at inopportune moments. Of course I wasn't going to relinquish the bag, so at the end of our very nice dinner M & E had to carry those naked bottles of wine out into the cold. Makes me think I ought to tuck a cloth bottle bag into my knitting kit for just such emergencies.

N.B. Photos are re-enactments and have been altered to protect the identity of the wine.

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