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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mindless Pleasantries

You know when every thing around you is going too fast?
Too much? Too many deadlines?
Been like that a lot lately for me. And lots of traveling.
So for the most part my knitting has reflected that. Or rather been an attempt to balance the hectic with the simple. Soothing, easy and satisfying.
A Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl from the directions by Sarah Bradley - so I don't have to think!
A bias scarf in recycled sari silk and some straw coloured rayon. Just cast on and go! (Modeled by the recipient, Emily)

Oh, I managed to finally finish the second Debbie Bliss classic cardigan for my wee niece....

and I did start a "Mitten of Insanity" which the cool and wet weather that is settling in is sure to encourage me to finish. But earlier this evening, when I had a moment, I picked up more colourful, soothing yarn and cast on for another bias scarf.

Mindless, pleasant.
There are enough challenges in the real world for the moment.

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Marit said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Now I will be waiting to see your coffee' bag too! Your knitting are beautiful. I think knitting is great because you can do it anywhere as long as the pattern is not too complicated. I also like to sew, but I can't bring my sewing machine where ever I go!