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Friday, March 14, 2008


It is good to think of things that are good when much around you seems daunting.
When it seems like there there too many decisions, too many chores & too many deadlines looming, the ol' count your blessings adage is a good one to put into play.

I have a lot to do today, but I'm stealing a bit of time from myself to remind me what I can be positive about in life. This is beyond the stable of good friends and family who support me and endure me through my craziness. They require a whole world of ever swirling sparkling love and thanks that simply cannot be quantified.


In that moment I let all the good things flood in, Rob Brezny Pronoia -style.
The walks in the woods, the books to read, songs to sing & music to listen to, the yarn to knit, the places to do it, the friends and loved ones to do it with, swifts and ballwinders, coffee and good chocolate, lemon infused olive oil & balsamic vinegar, the process ... really, "mustn't grumble".

But I have to share this:
brenna you are going to need deknitting therapy soon.
knitting addict in german is strichtsucht
when in doubt wear black for the diva gig. i doubt any one expects you to be a diva. just a good singer.

Okay, now I am most grateful for the sartorial advice from my most fashionable sister.
And okay, I can see how some one might think I knit too much. But therapy??
Hmm, well, thanks for the advice sis - and glad you like the wrist warmers I made at your request to match the KidSilkHaze shawl I made to your specifications for your wedding outfit.
*insert image of maniacally grinning idiot here

And I am grateful for the prod to stop worrying about the surface and take care of the foundation. Must close the computer, hide the sticks and string and enter the joy of practice for a while.
And feel warmly grateful that I have the place and time to do it.

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